IM Injection Instructions

Before You Start:

  • Read prescription label and these instructions thoroughly before beginning.
  • Questions? 22 Health & Hormone team members are available for questions at (321) 972-6159.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water and lay out your supplies:
    • Vial of medication
    • Injection supplies: Syringe with 20 gauge 1” Needle, 23 gauge needle, alcohol pads, gauze

Draw up your Medication:

  • In one motion, wipe each top of vial with alcohol swab (do not touch the tops of vials once you have sanitized them)
  • Remove the syringe with needle from the wrapper
  • Pull back the plunger to the black line that corresponds to the volume of medication your health care provider has prescribed. This information can be found on your prescription label. Please note, air is just being drawn into the syringe at this step. You are not withdrawing any medication from the vial at this point.
  • While holding the barrel of the syringe, insert the needle through the rubber stopper of the medication vial. Then push the plunger all the way down to transfer the air from the syringe into the vial of medication.
  • While still holding the plunger down, tilt the syringe (with vial attached) at a slight angle. Making sure the needle tip stays beneath the medication, pull back the plunger to transfer the prescribed amount of medication into the syringe.
  • Place the vial on a flat surface and carefully withdraw the needle. Replace needle cap. Twist and remove the 20 gauge needle and discard in sharps container. Remove 23 gauge needle from packaging and twist onto syringe.
  • While holding the syringe upright, slowly advance the plunger to remove any air bubbles until you see a tiny drop of medication at the needle tip. Now you are ready to inject your medication.

Injecting your Medication:

  • Identify the injection site and clean vigorously with an alcohol wipe and allow to dry
  • Remove cap and insert needle completely at a 90 degree angle into the injection site
  • Before injecting your medication, pull back the plunger by 0.5cc. You should see an air bubble that disappears when you release the plunger. If you notice any blood, withdraw the needle and replace with a new 23 gauge needle. You'll need to choose another injection site - clean new site as described above.
  • Inject the medication by slowly and steadily pushing the plunger
  • After injection is complete, swiftly withdraw the needle and place it in your sharps container
  • It's normal to see a few drops of blood. Using a gauze pad, apply steady pressure to the injection site. If bleeding continues after a few moments, apply a bandage to the injection site.
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