Sexual Health & Wellness

Sexual health is an important part of our physical and mental well-being. Sustained intimacy with your partner can strengthen relationship bonds, not to mention your long-term health! Numerous studies have shown that sex can boost immune function, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels. It's important to address low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED) with your healthcare provider to determine the cause and find a solution.

Low libido (reduced sexual desire) and ED can be complex issues. Stress, low self-esteem, and hormone imbalances can reduce interest in sex. In addition, many commonly prescribed medications can decrease libido and cause ED.

Tadalafil & Sildenafil: Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis®) and sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra®) belong to a class of medications called PDE-5 inhibitors. They are often used as a first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction. They have also been used off-label at lower strengths in female patients. Both medications work by increasing blood flow to the penis and clitoris, which can help improve sexual function and intensify sensitivity.

Although these medications are similar, there are some key differences:

​​​​​​​Tadalafil and sildenafil should never be taken together unless your healthcare provider directs you to do so. Some medications may cause adverse reactions if taken with tadalafil and sildenafil, including nitrates taken for chest pain. It's important to talk with your healthcare provider before taking tadalafil or sildenafil. They can help determine the most appropriate medication, dosage, and frequency of use.

Bremelanotide (PT-141): Bremelanotide is a peptide and is the active ingredient in Vyleesi®. Also known as PT-141, bremelanotide was developed as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction and male erectile dysfunction. It works by activating receptors in the brain that are involved in pleasure and desire. It also increases blood flow to the genitals and enhances sexual arousal. Bremelanotide is usually taken 4 hours before either by nasal spray or by subcutaneous injection.

Some potential benefits of bremelanotide in males and females include:

  • Increased interest in sex

  • Heightened arousal

  • Improved clitoral sensitivity

  • Stronger, longer lasting erections

  • Enhanced intimacy

Sublingual testosterone is rapid onset, short-acting testosterone delivery method. When taken sublingually, testosterone is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, leading to a swift improvement in libido and overall energy levels. In addition, sublingual testosterone can also enhance workouts by providing a short-term burst in energy and power. It is usually dissolved under the tongue fifteen to thirty minutes before activity as needed.

A few potential benefits of sublingual testosterone include:

  • Increased libido

  • Improved mood

  • Increased energy levels

  • Increased muscle mass

  • Increased strength and endurance

Scream cream is a topical combination of medications which promote a rise in blood flow to the clitoris and penis, increasing sensitivity. This can result in higher frequency and intensity of orgasms, and more pleasurable intimate experiences overall. Scream Cream contains a proprietary combination of six prescription and non-prescription medications that elevate sex drive, stimulate arousal, and heighten sensation. It is applied topically 5-10 minutes before activity. Ask your 22 Health & Hormone healthcare provider about adding sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra®) and testosterone to further enhance these effects.

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